Cross-Cultural Communication
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The prerequisite for this course is English - B2 or higher
What is this course?
Academic plan
Cross cultural communication is referred to when the diverse cultural background of communicants can either be successful, or can bring about distortion of the message, or result in overall communication failure.

This course is designed for undergraduate students of KBTU to acquire a general understanding of cross cultural communication (CCC) both as a science and a tool for effective communicating across cultural borders. The current situation in the global labor market, the possibility of graduates' entering the international arena in their future professional activities, and a growing number of contacts with non/native speakers of English imply the need for effective communication with representatives of other cultures.

What can you expect from this course?
The objectives of this course are as follows:
  • development of a general understanding of the notion and models of cross cultural communication,
  • awareness of cultural diversity, stereotypes and tolerance for promoting positive intercultural relations.
Intended Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course the students are expected to:
  • acquire skills for improving cross cultural communication within non/academic environment
  • further develop their integrated learning, critical and creative thinking skills.
Best of the best 3C
5 senses poem
Rysbekova Madina


France looks like the Eiffel Tower at sunrise,
France smells like a freshly baked croissant with old expensive wine,
France sounds like a young poet's love serenade,
France tastes like the fragile crust of a morning baguette,
France feels like freedom of French revolutions…
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Anuarbek Akbota

My brother asked for money

So he could buy a Ferrari
He thought it'd be funny
Then he was stuck in the gummies
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Aida Barlybayeva

In the night sky

each star glows differently,
reflecting each fate.
Under the snow
there is something alive
and it is snowdrop.
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How the lessons went before COVID
The lessons aroused students' admiration for the subject and interested them. Projects were presented on a projector, students prepared in advance for the performance in order to earn more points
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